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And it is for a reason: One of them is Siberian Brown Bear. Siberian bears are intermediate in size to Eurasian brown bears and Kamchatka Brown Bears, though large individuals can attain the size The December season of hunting Giant Kamchatka Moose proved to be quite fruitful for Stalker Group Company. All our clients have harvested nice trophies.

сталкер охота рыбалка

For example, the span of the antlers of one of the Moose totaled cm about 63 inches. The weather was quite favorable, which allowed bagging all trophies within a couple of first days of Time to meet old friends, look up new hunting destinations, discuss the news of the hunting world, take part in the numerous auctions, learn some new technics at the seminars, show off the trophies of year , and get yourself a bit of new equipment for the upcoming trips. One of the most popular trophy hunts organized within the territory of Russian and former USSR countries is the mountain Tur hunt.

сталкер охота рыбалка

Three different species of this unique animal inhabit Russian Federation: Kuban Tur also known as Western Tur , Mid-Caucasian Tur and Dagestan Tur or Eastern Tur. We organize hunting for Kuban species on the territory of Karachaevo-Cherkessiya Republic in Hunting for Argali in Tajikistan The year of turned out to be very generous for great Argali trophies. Among others, we have organized a combo hunt for several species in Tajikistan. Our client has harvested the following species: Marco Polo Argali, Tibetan sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex. In total, he spent 4 days hunting including one full day to follow wounded Ibex The Stalker Team has successfully organized this combo hunt for our guests from USA in October Walter Kirby and Mrs. Susan Tuohy came to visit two different hunting regions of Russia. In the first part of the trip, the hunters went to Krasnoyarsk region, where it is possible to harvest Altai Ibex in Russia — you do not have to This year the Nature has thrown a wrench into plans of many hunters. After a rather snowless winter the spring was unpredictably early and warm, causing the snow to melt before the start of Bear hunting season in many regions all over the world.

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  • Kamchatka was no exception. However our tough hunters together with their skilled local guides managed to The new issue of The Hunting Report newsletter offers a report about hunting Mid-Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan with Stalker Group. The full report can be found at the following link registration required. For those of our friends who are not yet registered to the Hunting Report newsletter we provide an extract below: Harley tells us, "I had five game scouts plus a Just in time for the end of winter, February when everyone has enjoyed the pleasures the winter can provide, Safari Club International Convention opens up to welcome unbelievable amounts of participants. Visit this fabulous show to take your chance to book your hunt with confidence, research future hunt opportunities, meet the most talented artists and custom jewellers The Wild Sheep Foundation will hold their famous Sheep Show on January , This premier Mountain Hunting and Outdoor Show will welcome over exhibitors from all over the globe. Reno in Nevada, the biggest little city in the world, will become home for hundreds This four-day convention will be held January , More than 40, outdoors-men and women are expected to attend it.

    сталкер охота рыбалка

    The hunting season in Russia is in full swing and brings us beautiful and well-deserved trophies of Kuban Western Tur and Mid-Caucasian Tur from the steep mountains of Caucasus, and of Snow Sheep from the magnificent Kamchatka. We congratulate our hunters and wish to welcome them again in Russian hunting grounds. News Trophy hunt Asia All Azerbaijan Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Mongolia Nepal Pakistan Tajikistan Europe All Austria Belarus Bulgaria Hungary Macedonia Romania Spain Turkey Russia Bear Deer Lynx Moose Roe Deer Snow Sheep Tur Wild Boar Wolf Company About Contacts Meet us References Partners Enquiry. What A Hunter Should Know Each and every year, when the Bear hunting season begins and the hunters head off in search of the desired trophies, the bugbear season also starts for the taxidermy studios and outfitters. Record-Breaking Trophies of Tajikistan It is held, that a Marco Polo trophy from Tajikistan is some kind of a carte de visite for any mountain hunter. Mexico Desert Bighorn Hunting We are glad to share some comments from our client and friend, Mr. The International Hunting Conventions Ahead! Fall Hunting Season in Europe A little faster, than we probably would like fall is knocking on the door. Множество карманов и наличие фальшь-погонов дает возможность использовать этот костюм для охранных структур. Прямой, на молнии, с двумя накладными карманами и капюшоном.

    сталкер охота рыбалка

    Одевается, на любой вид одежды и обеспечивает максимальную защиту от ветра и влаги. Упакован в компактную сумочку-чехол. Куртка прямая, на молнии с капюшоном.


    Брюки свободного кроя с поясом на резинке. Упакован в компактную сумку чехол. Металлические шарики, акустический эффект, но и При ловле щуки на спиннинг, опытные рыболовы очень часто применяют одну из самых эффективных щучих К сожалению, Ваш браузер не поддерживает современные технологии используемые на нашем сайте. Пожалуйста, обновите браузер, скачав его по ссылкам ниже, или обратитесь к системному администратору, обслуживающему Ваш компьютер.

    сталкер охота рыбалка

    От этого зависит стоимость доставки и варианты оплаты в ваш регион. Общая сумма с учетом скидки пусто Перейти в корзину.


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